Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Book of Ruth

Photo Credit: Erika Gregory

I've recently started studying The Book of Ruth with the women's group - Love God Greatly

I was introduced to this group while browsing Instagram a year or so ago. They have an amazing ministry and every 4 - 6 weeks they begin a new Bible study. 

I haven't joined one of their study groups. Ive chosen to follow the plan on my Bible app, read the blog posts and follow along on FB. 

The best part is that it is teaching me how to study the Bible effectively. They use the SOAP method.  S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. I have to tell you this method has really helped me. 

I've always enjoyed the story of Ruth, but this study has opened up new revelations for me. 

Are you in a Bible Study group? Is it online or in person? What are you studying? Have you used the S.O.A.P. method?  I'd love to hear!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Flower Trucks

Photo Credits Here and below: Amelia's Flower Truck Instagram Page

One of my favorite easy to decorate is with fresh flowers. I have them all over my home and in my office at work. I just feel like they make the area feel alive and gorgeous. 

Fresh flowers are super affordable and you don't have to wait for someone to send them to you. Though, my husband is very good about bringing home fresh flowers……

Check your local farmers markets. Often, you can find a small bouquet for under $10. Add some filler and voila! you have a beautiful arrangement. Also, be sure to support your local florists. Many have great prices as well as unique designs.

So, back to my original reason for this post. As I was scrolling Instagram a few days ago, I came across Amelia's Flower Truck in Nashville, Tennessee. Stop the presses! I instantly fell in love. I informed my friend T - who is from Nashville - that we needed to take a road trip!

From the super cool VW trucks ( there are three) to the brown paper wrap with strings and the beautiful flowers, these trucks are not to be missed if you live in  or are traveling to the Nashville area. Seriously, I would probably make it my job to follow these beauties around!

I'm wondering why Indy doesn't have something like this…………

I decided that I would write a post about flower trucks. Low and behold, what do I find in my research? STEMS - an Indy Flower Truck coming this Spring 2017!  To say I am excited is an understatement. I am  over the top excited! 

Does your town have a flower truck? I'd love to know all about it! Please share below.

Be sure to follow STEMS and Amelia's on Instagram. Check back here for a full review once STEMS is up and running. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017

Photo Credit:

Earth Day was started in 1970 to show support for environmental protection. Each year on April 22, many communities hold various events to educate and support Earth Day.  

Indiana's celebration is being held at Military Park at White River State Park from 11AM to 4PM.  More information can be found here

Looking for a few tips to help save the environment? Why not try some of these:

  • Plant an herb garden. You don't need a large outdoor area. You can do an indoor container garden, too. I've seen some super cute ideas on Pinterest and other sites.  Check out this link for growing a Mason jar herb garden here.  Photo Credit above - Mick Telkamp
  • Shop and eat local. There is nothing better than supporting your local businesses. Check out local farmers markets. Many areas even have indoor winter farmers markets. 
  • Purchase products with the "FAIR TRADE" label. Find out what fair trade means here.
  • Pay your bills online. 
  • Open your curtains on sunny days and use the sun to light your home. Natural sunlight is the best!
  • Take reusable bags when shopping. If you have to get the plastic, be sure to reuse them when you can. 
There are so many more tips to be found on the internet. What are some of the things you do to help save the environment?

Happy Earth Day 2017!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tasty Tuesday: Rosie's Place

A few weeks ago, we decided to try a local eatery in Zionsville, Indiana - Rosie's Place.

Zionsville is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Indy. The town is full of one of a kind shopping, restaurants, galleries featuring local artists and beautiful homes. I love the quaintness of the town especially Main Street. The cobblestone street is a step back in time. Zionsville is also home to Serenity - a restaurant where my annual High Tea was held for a few years.

Rosie's Place sits on the corner of 10th and Main. One walk inside and we were in love….. THE BAKERY greeted us as soon as we walked in the door.  Muffins, cookies, granola and more sitting just within our reach! Let's not forget the gigantic coconut macaroons and the butter cookies. We  had the coconut macaroon and lemon bar - as a take home. Apparently, we need to get the infamous Rosie's Place butter cookie. Guess we will just have to go back soon.

There was pretty good crowd there for a non-holiday Friday, but we were seated as soon as we walked in the door (after they pried us away from the bakery). 

I love the huge windows in the restaurant. It was a super sunny morning and it was beautiful! Not great for my picture taking, but oh, well. 

 After ordering our standard coffee and green tea, we both decided on breakfast. Ken had the oatmeal - which he loved. I ordered from the Eggy Store section of the menu - ordering mine Rosie Style. Rosie Style included two fresh eggs, toast or biscuit, applewood smoked bacon and the most delicious potatoes. Oh, and a huge pancake.  I'm not one for sweet breakfast, but hubby likes pancakes or French toast.  So, Rosie  Style it was….

Doesn't this look amazing? The best - it tasted just as good.  Our server was very attentive without being overly so. Oh, and she loved my white nails! You get a big tip - lol.

If you are in the area, be sure to make a visit to Rosie's Place. There is also a location in Noblesville, Indiana.

Bon Apetit!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tea time

I found this great tea magazine at Lowe's Hardware - IKR? Perfect timing as I am planning my annual High Tea. 

I can remember drinking tea with my Mama Bessie years ago. She always added sugar and milk to hers. Something about hers tasted so much better than any I have ever had or made. I'm sure it was the love and the fact that I was able to spend the time with her. I don't recall ever having any sandwiches with the tea, but I am sure we ate something. 

I also remember playing with those cute little porcelain tea sets. Seems I always had one in my room and I loved playing with it. 

Fast forward to 17 years ago… My friend, DA, suggested we do a High Tea at the Canterbury Hotel in downtown Indy. Sure - why not?  We grabbed about 35 of our closest friends and crowded into the small area for High Tea. While it was fun, it wasn't the peaceful serene time that I feel tea time should be. 

My annual High Tea has evolved over the years. I have found a small group of ten works best.  There are 3 members who have been with me from the beginning. We had four, but one of the ladies moved to Chicago. We have new members who have been with me for quite some. The biggest hit of the annual High Tea is the tea cup exchange.

When I travel, I always like to try High Tea - if it's an option. To date, the High Tea at the Drake hotel in Chicago is my favorite. Gorgeous flowers and classical music played by a harpist create a serene scene. The tea sandwiches and selection of teas is also wonderful. The best? It's only $45/pp.  



Finger Sandwich Selection

Crab Salad Tartlet 
Pesto Chicken
on herb gougere
Roast Beef,
provolone cheese, horseradish cream on potato bread
Cucumber & Tomato,
on white bread

Seasonal Pastry Petit Fours

selection of seasonal pastries handcrafted by Pastry Chef Bruno Bell Alves
English Scones & Mini Seasonal Loaf
accompanied by preserves, lemon curd and English double Devon cream
~ 45 per person ~

enhance your experience with...

The Palm Court Mimosa Package | $25

a glass of sparkling wine | 7
a glass of La Marca Prosecco | 10
a glass of Domaine Chandon Brut | 12
a bellini | 13
a mimosa | 13

Do you drink tea? Have you enjoyed High tea or afternoon tea anywhere super special?  I'd love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below…….